Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Pukeko Update

We hope you are all having a happy easter and are not over indulging. In week 8 we had plenty of play outside with water, woodwork and the large loose parts. All children are happy and keen when they are taken to Te Kohanga for academic group work. There is a lot of conversation in the groups and the children are very focused during this time. We are proud with the progress children are making this term.

There is also much progress being made in play. Children are becoming more aware and sensitive to the needs and wants of others. They are listening to each other more and are beginning to take on the ideas of others. When children are becoming unsettled they are getting opportunities to practice self calming skills with support from us. The class is growing steadily and these skills will help the children cope as new faces and personalities are introduced.

Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be practicing for the Cross Country every day. Please make sure your child is wearing running shoes and this makes it much more comfortable for them to run in. We have had a whole week of fundraising for the Cross Country (Adidas School Fun Run) and so far we have raised $431 dollars. Pukeko has raised almost half of that ourselves. WELL DONE! The money raised is used to subsidise swimming at the end of the year. Keep up the good work.

Here is and interesting article for you to look at.


All of the children have made a start on painting their pukekos which they sketched over the past couple of weeks. The concentration and care many of the children are taking is impressive. Clearly they want to make a quality piece of work. We have also created pukeko headbands for the pukeko stomp we are practicing for our assembly in week 10. Some children will be coming home with words to practice next week as they will be presenting the assembly and sharing some of the learning we have done over the term.

On Thursday we got out the imagination playground for children to experience and the imagination, creativity and experimentation was so cool to observe. The conversations were excited and animated. 

The children are choosing to practise their skipping and they have a little competition going as to how many skips they can achieve individually. The number currently is upward of 30.

This is another example of the persistence that we are seeing in Pukeko  where
children make their own choices, have the time to follow through and the motivation  to complete their plan.
Our mice are demonstrating persistence. Watch to the end!!

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