Sunday, 18 March 2018

Pukeko Update

This week has been very settled. The children are well into the swing of how our space works and many are beginning to become more creating in their play. The most exciting thing last week was the opening of the new bike track around the back field. We were the first to walk around it in the morning and the first to go on it with our scooters as well. Before we went out we discussed how to stay safe on the track when lots of people are on it. There had to be a 6th thing to remember because all of the ideas were so good. 


Xavier came for a couple of visits this week and made a very cool tow truck out of the mobilo. He also got along side some other great mobilo builders. There was lots of talk about how things were being made and the job they did. 

Nicole was asked by this group to try and get some group skipping happening. They were trying for a good 10 minutes. We will persevere and there will be team skipping.


Over the next couple of weeks we will have a focus on the Arts. We are going to be working on readers theatre around the book 'The Swamp Eggs'. We will create masks and maybe costumes to go with it. Also we will be learning the 'Pukeko Stomp'. You will have the chance to view our progress at the Pukeko lead assembly. Date and time TBA.


We spent a lot of time doing our final sketches of Perky the Pukeko and we will look at painting him next week. 

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