Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Reading at home

Hi team, 

Here are some simple comprehension questions you can ask when reading at home. Either when reading the children's readers they bring home from school or with books from the library. Any time you read you can use these questions.

But remember, reading is for enjoyment so never spoil a good story with too many questions.

It is very important that the children are able to see the pictures when reading their reader at home with you. When learning to read the pictures give children clues to help them read the words.

Questions to Ask BEFORE Reading:
  • What do you think this book is about?
  • What do you think will happen?
  • Do you think this book is real or make believe?
Questions to Ask DURING Reading - or just let it flow
  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • How do you think it is going to end?
  • How does the main character feel?
Questions to Ask AFTER Reading:
  • Do you like this book? Why?
  • What happened? 
  • What is your favorite part? Why?
  • Who was your favorite character? What did you like about them?
  • Can you tell me the story in your own words?
  • Can you make up a story about.... (whatever they love). It is fun and enlightening to make up stories together.

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