Sunday, 18 February 2018

Pukeko Update

Last week we had lots of opportunities to head outside and use the large loose parts (tyres, cable reels etc). It was so hot that Jared, Grace and Tobias decided to make a shady spot to sit under. The children are becoming more confident to explore play and combine equipment to create what they want. The bikes are being used a lot by those that are confident on them. 

This week we are bringing our provocations to increase the children's imaginative play within the classroom. Imaginative play requires complex thinking and often includes real life experiences. This is a great time for children to make sense of what they experience in their life. This also regularly involves the children taking on roles and creating rules. This leads to discussions and compromising when issues arise. All great learning.

Our library time is on Wednesday so children will be bringing home a book for you to read  and enjoy with them. These books will need to be back to school the following Wednesday so they can issue and new book. 

Last week a getting to know you sheet came home for you to fill out and return to us. Could you please return this to school this week so we have time to go through them before Week 4. 

Finally, if you are able to help out with the Big Day Out next Friday, WE NEED YOU. Please let us know if you are available so we can make this happen.

Sophie decided that the sand needed to be wet so she sorted that for herself.

Be my valentine

The artists at work creating monsters. 

Our first day of Casey Caterpillar. This program teaches children the shapes that form all of the letters in the alphabet. Today having a go at the 'wide open mouth'

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