Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pukeko Update

This week we have seen much more in the way of group play. One or two children have started some play and others have become interested and asked to join in. Tuesday was a great outside day where we pulled out all of the large loose parts. These include tyres, pellets, pvc piping, planks of wood and cable reels. The ideas were flowing and the children needed help with strategies to move some of the larger loose parts.

Jared bought in a nest which interested the children. We came up with a list of birds we knew the name of and found some pictures of their nests. We wanted to find out what type of birds nest it was. We looked at the nest of the swallow, sparrow, tui, fantail, the blackbird and the Pukeko. Some looked the same and some looked very different. We then went out and looked for natural materials that the children could use to make their own nest. This was an interesting, messy and fun experience all the same.

Some of the girls playing at being a teacher.

Casey chose to make a card with a message for Mum and Dad.

Zac and Nyjel re-creating a scene from Hungry Dragon. These guys collected the dragons and the animals and took the morning creating the scene. Such focus is great to see.

Next week we will continue to look into the Pukeko, finding out more information and creating a wall of Pukeko art. We will also be looking into more alphabet and maths in the afternoons. We are taking part in dance over the next 2 weeks with a performance at the end of week 6. Very much looking forward to that. Have a great week.

Reading at home

Hi team, 

Here are some simple comprehension questions you can ask when reading at home. Either when reading the children's readers they bring home from school or with books from the library. Any time you read you can use these questions.

But remember, reading is for enjoyment so never spoil a good story with too many questions.

It is very important that the children are able to see the pictures when reading their reader at home with you. When learning to read the pictures give children clues to help them read the words.

Questions to Ask BEFORE Reading:
  • What do you think this book is about?
  • What do you think will happen?
  • Do you think this book is real or make believe?
Questions to Ask DURING Reading - or just let it flow
  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • How do you think it is going to end?
  • How does the main character feel?
Questions to Ask AFTER Reading:
  • Do you like this book? Why?
  • What happened? 
  • What is your favorite part? Why?
  • Who was your favorite character? What did you like about them?
  • Can you tell me the story in your own words?
  • Can you make up a story about.... (whatever they love). It is fun and enlightening to make up stories together.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Pukeko Update

We have begun academic learning in Te KĊhanga (the nest) this week. Children have begun bringing home little readers in their reading folders. These are for the children to practice at home. The readers should be easy by the time they get home. The first strategies we teach children is to point to and look at the words. They use the pictures as clues for the words. If they get stuck on a word and they have the alphabet knowledge they will get the first sound of the word they are not sure of.

We have also begun math instruction. Focusing on number knowledge at the level of each child. Counting, reading and writing numbers, making 5 and making ten.

Casey Caterpillar is a writing program that teaches the shapes needed to write all the letters in the alphabet. The last Pukeko Update had photos of the children's first Casey Caterpillar session.

This week the children have become far more active with imaginary play. They are moving from playing independently and in pairs into more group play. They have accessed a larger range of equipment to develop a more complex play scenario.

Playing with play-dough developed into making food. The children then created a shop to sell the food they were making. They used bottle tops and crayons for money. They asked for help with a shop sign. Another group of children used the play-dough to create a birthday party which they dressed up for.

In other play, several children created a hospital and took turns to be the patient and to be doctor. They dressed up, used x-ray pictures and medical masks in their play.

We have seen much more collaboration between children when completing construction tasks. Children have been including others into their play and helping/teaching each other what they need to know to be part of the play/game.

The big day out was a great success. The children had a fun time and were very visible in their bathing caps. This made it easy to keep them safe.

Next week we are going to investigate the Pukeko, our namesake and we would like your help. Please, over the weekend could you take the time to find one or two bits of information about the Pukeko. With your child you could find a book, a small video, images, or search good old google. It would be great if the information could come from the children. We will also create pukeko in artistic form and use both the information and the art to create a wall display in the classroom.

We will also be starting Sportstart games focussed around target games.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Pukeko Update

Last week we had lots of opportunities to head outside and use the large loose parts (tyres, cable reels etc). It was so hot that Jared, Grace and Tobias decided to make a shady spot to sit under. The children are becoming more confident to explore play and combine equipment to create what they want. The bikes are being used a lot by those that are confident on them. 

This week we are bringing our provocations to increase the children's imaginative play within the classroom. Imaginative play requires complex thinking and often includes real life experiences. This is a great time for children to make sense of what they experience in their life. This also regularly involves the children taking on roles and creating rules. This leads to discussions and compromising when issues arise. All great learning.

Our library time is on Wednesday so children will be bringing home a book for you to read  and enjoy with them. These books will need to be back to school the following Wednesday so they can issue and new book. 

Last week a getting to know you sheet came home for you to fill out and return to us. Could you please return this to school this week so we have time to go through them before Week 4. 

Finally, if you are able to help out with the Big Day Out next Friday, WE NEED YOU. Please let us know if you are available so we can make this happen.

Sophie decided that the sand needed to be wet so she sorted that for herself.

Be my valentine

The artists at work creating monsters. 

Our first day of Casey Caterpillar. This program teaches children the shapes that form all of the letters in the alphabet. Today having a go at the 'wide open mouth'