Monday, 16 October 2017

Pukeko Update

In response to the children's play in week 9 we provided them with a camping experience at the beginning of week 10. They experienced a full sized tent, building a camp site with a fire for roasting marshmallows. Before we could roast the marshmallows Cam took the children on a stick hunt searching for that elusive, perfect stick. We barbecued sausages at lunch time to share. Throughout the whole time children were tramping with their packs on their back through our forrest at the back of our classroom. On Monday afternoon we all had a beach experience in the sand pit with water from the hose.

On Tuesday we had the principal and two of his staff from Morningside school in Whangarei visit our play space. As part of his sabbatical, Daniel the principal is looking at how play based spaces impact on transition to school.  His staff are already running play based learning in their spaces and were interested in how we do it. They were very impressed and went away with lots of ideas. It is always affirming to talk to other teachers of like mind and that see the same benefits for children's learning in a play based environment. 

We have created a transition to school slideshow explaining our space and play based learning at Papanui Primary. Please take the time to have a look. 

Next term we are going to have swimming lessons at Graham Condon from the 6th of November to the 16th of November. Over the holidays it would be great if you could help your child to become independent at undressing, drying and dressing from wet all by themselves. This is the expectation of us if we are to take them swimming. If you have the opportunity it would be helpful to take your child for a swim at Graham Condon so that they are familiar with the pool.

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