Saturday, 2 September 2017

Pukeko Update

This week we have observed the children are very interested and active with rotation (spinning things and themselves). Also transportation is again high on the activity list. Children back on bikes, trikes, wagons and scooters.

There was also a huge discussion around insects after Lily found a flying insect in the classroom. There were many questions about insects - flying and non-flying, stick insects and spiders (arachnids).

Next week to support the children with these interests we plan to provide a wider range of loose parts. This will allow them greater exploration as they construct and discuss their ideas. Any donations on wheels, casters, tubes, timber etc for making things that rotate would be greatly appreciated. If you have access to interesting insects that are able to be brought in for the children to investigate, this would also be helpful.

Earlier in the week there was a large structure made with the outdoor loose parts (construction). At was at one time it was a boat, then a pirate ship with cannons and also a see-saw and climbing frame. Dimitri had to fix a wobbly pellet and solved the problem with the equipment he had.

Domitri and Connor trying to sort out the wobbly pallet
Bowen and Baxter kicking the ball around
Harshika using the the water to write words

Emmy using the loose parts to make herself and instrument

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