Friday, 22 September 2017

Pukeko Update

In week 8 many children helped to make part of the bug hotel. By Thursday we were able to construct it into a structure for the insects and we will checking in on it over the weeks to see who moves in.

Spring is most definitely here. We have been outside everyday this week. With water, imagination playground, sports equipments and wheels. It is a great time to be aware of the changes going on outside. We will be discussing the changes in spring as motivation for play, writing and reading. If we notice any children with a particular interest we will try to explore further.

On Friday Piwakawaka and Weka arranged a visit from the fire department and we were invited to share the experience with them. The children got to sit in the fire engine and saw the hose in action.

Week 9 has seen another nice start to the week so the children spent plenty of time outside. They spent a lot of time building boats and obstacle courses with the large loose parts. Dimitri even performed the highwire. It took many different forms over the week. Inside at the making table the children were creating things to use and play with. Things like pan flutes, bubble blowers, kites and Levi even made a pretend inhaler. Also inside there were some excellent constructions made with the blocks. We all had a go at seriation (ordering things from smallest to biggest). For several days there was a vampire McDonalds in the class that Levi and Frankey created.

The most exciting play this week has been camping and tramping out the back of our classroom. Children had their backpacks on and spend a lot of time exploring the bushes and pretending to be out in the bush. The children got Cam to move some large rocks into a camp fire circle. There were also ghosts in the bushes that they could hear.

Following this line of play we are planning to have a large tent at school next week (Monday and Tuesday). If you have any 1 piece pop up tents for the kids to use that would be very helpful. We are also going to create a fire put so the children can experience toasting marshmallows on the camp fire. We thought we would get some sausages and bread to cook on the school bbq . We know we have some special food requirements in our room so could you please contact us to help us get these right.

Next Friday(29th) there will be a school wide mufti day and it is Pukeko's assembly.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pukeko Update

Firstly, we'd like to say a big thank you to Maddison (Levi's sister) for allowing us to use her huge collection of bugs. They are all safely encased in glass and are accompanied by a set of magazines.

Having the set of bugs in Pukeko has made for an exciting week. First of all as scientists  we were keen to explore the bugs that Levi had bought in.The children were able to notice and describe many of the different features and some children sorted and classified them into spiders,scorpions, beetles and centipedes. Then as artists we sketched one each and as writers we wrote a description of one of the bugs.

Then everything got a whole lot more exciting when we finally started to find bugs in the playground and bring them into the classroom for further viewing and investigation.

Next week we will continue the exciting life of bugs and see where the learning takes us. We will add to our stories we started this week.

Spring is upon us, so we will start to investigate the change of season and the effects it has on our environment. Searching for new buds, more bugs and blossoms at school. Hopefully the children’s artistic talents will come out as we get sketch paper and pencils to capture the changes we notice.