Monday, 14 August 2017

Pukeko Update


It has been 3 weeks of sickness and more sickness! Chickenpox is being shared around the children, 2 to 3 children at a time. Other children have had sore tummies with vomiting and diarrhea. Sore heads and persistent coughs have also featured. The teachers have not been immune either. All of us have experienced some sickness this term so far including our teacher aides. Ruth Stimpson has done a fantastic job as the relief teacher for all of us and has remained well throughout. We are hoping to all be on deck this week!

Last week the children were entertained by Kath Bee and her guitar. She has composed many of the the Kiwi Kids songs that the children enjoy singing at school so it was nice to see and hear her in person.

The weather has been very on again off again but we have made the most of every opportunity to get outside to play and get some fresh air. The children are getting more and more creative with the way they are playing with the equipment .

In the absence of a swing several children have become mathematical problem solvers and have created swings from skipping ropes. Mathematical language and concepts were being explored during the trial and error design process which was extensive but they were rewarded with the joy of using the swings at the end. Some of the girls were playing with and sorting the dominoes and asked the question "how many dominoes do we have?" I gave them the 100's board and they started to figure it out by laying the dominoes on top of the board. So much counting!

The large loose parts were also well used with pirate ships, alien spacecraft and houses featuring. There was a lot of imagination, collaboration, conversation and problem solving being used for each group to work together successfully.

After one rainy night the conflict between the outdoor play and the repatriation of the worms to their “happy place” was an issue. Elsie spearheaded the movement to save the worms!

One day a big blue monster appeared in front of our classroom and it seemed to grow and grow and get louder and louder!

Inside the classroom the play has been equally engaging. Fidget spinners have been overtaken with marbles in the dizzy giddy! Our scientists have been exploring the different ways marbles can travel around the dizzy giddy and by working together they were able to achieve many exciting outcomes.

Dramatic play continues to thrive! This week Acacia a hospital was set up with a cafe attached which sold .

The Imagination Playground also sparks the creative side and Dimitry worked hard to create a robot who could spin and make wind as well as punch people in the face!

We have been welcoming many children to Pukeko this term. We have had Bowen and Sienna start with us already and have had Emiliana, Baxter and Dimitri visiting over the past few weeks. They have all been meeting new people and becoming part of our space. They are all fitting in so well thanks to our kind, caring and welcoming children.



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