Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pukeko Update

Last week Pukeko enjoyed another week of play and focused academic learning.

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to participate in “Mindful Movers” led by Erica and Johanna. They showed us how to read our bodies by recognising how our heart and lungs behave when we are excited or anxious and how we can calm our bodies down all by ourselves when we need to. We practised some focusing activities and yoga.

At first Erica and Johanna were a little apprehensive about the large number of new entrants participating and were anticipating having to modify their programme based on previous experiences with this age group. However at the end of the session they were buzzing about how the children rose to the occasion and achieved a high level of focus for the hour. We are experiencing this a lot lately in a variety of settings.

This week is the last week of Term 2. The parent, teacher and child (don’t forget to bring your child) interviews are on Tuesday and Wenesday from 2:15 to 7pm. If you haven’t booked yet, go to the Website - The code is 57uyy. Although you are most welcome to make a time to see us anytime, this is a formal opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning with them. It is also a time to discuss how you can help them at home.

This week will be some children’s last week in Pukeko as Charlotte Wright, William Yeung, Amelia McGowan and Soni Taylor are moving into Weka while Sophia and Charlotte Bruce, Jada Smart and Lucy Brazier will be moving to Piwakawaka. We wish them well and know that they will make a big contribution to their new spaces. However we will miss their strong leadership qualities and unique personalities.

Glen and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. We appreciate the way you support our  programme with ideas and resources and share information about your child so that we can help them to be happy and well.