Saturday, 10 June 2017

Pukeko Update

Week 6 was a short one but action packed. We were lucky enough to have many days of outside play even though the mornings were crisp. Children warmed themselves up quickly by riding wheels, skipping and practising their ball skills.

We have Life Ed in the school at the moment. Our first session was on Friday and we have one more session coming up this week. The focus of our sessions is 'what is friendship'. I am sure you all remember Harold the giraffe coming to school and how exciting it was.

I know the blog wasn't updated for week 5 but I'd like to thank all families that made the time to come to school for our celebration of learning. It was wonderful to see you all and we hope it gave you a sense of how the class runs and how it creates independence and resilience for the children.

Please remember that tomorrow (Monday 12) is a teacher only day. We are focussing on oral language in the classroom and how to promote and expand the oral language in our children. Simply talking to children and being interested in what they say is a great start.

We put some loose parts into a bag with a book and over the week we read the books and brought out the loose parts as a provocation for the children. One of the stories was about a hippo wanting to be the first hippo on the moon. Levi created a rocket out of the loose parts and then Elsie and Charlotte made a couple of flags because 'when you land on the moon you put a flag there'

More building constructions were happening with the blocks. Kaylee creating an arch filled structure and Jada adding to her fairy bed.

Frankie and Shresth taking Kodi for a ride. It is great to see Kodi has quickly become part of our class.

Thank you so much for donating unused herbs and spices for our potion making. There was so much measuring, mixing and talking about what the children were making. There were love potions, shrinking potions and even a mud potion so that you can create a garden anywhere simply by pouring the mud potion on the ground. It turns anything to mud and dirt.

There were plenty of opportunity to practice physical skills in our play this week. Pietro and Tyson were out skipping again and were drawing in others and helping to teach them how to skip.

Leading on from potions, we brought out some water play.


  1. Another fantastic week of fun and learning.

  2. Charlotte pretty much told me exactly what is written here so she must have loved being involved, although I cant see her anywhere I am sure she did take part.
    Yip loved Harold when I was a kid which charlotte couldnt believe he existed soooo many years ago in the old days :)