Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pukeko Update

Last week was book week. Every day we had DEAR (drop everything and read) every afternoon and the children chose books from their browsing boxes to read to themselves and each other. The book fair was on in the library and many children were able to view and purchase new books for their enjoyment.

Here are Shresth, Charlotte and Elsie reading stories to the whole class. Well done.

The best part of the week was Thursday when everyone got to dress up as their favourite book character. We had fairies, princesses, superheroes, witches a unicorn and even Darth Vader turned up.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pukeko Update

Here is an interesting article on loose parts.

Week 8 has been a very exciting and diverse week.

First of all the weather has dictated some of our play choices but has also provided us with some great opportunities to notice what is going on outside and write about it. We continue to offer outside play whenever we can so make sure you child is wearing layers of clothing so that they can take full advantage of the options available.
Our Teachers’ Only Day involved up-skilling us on Oral Language teaching and learning.
As you have probably read or heard recently the quality of the oral language of the children entering school has dropped significantly and this is impacting on the children's readiness to begin learning reading and writing. If you can’t say it, you can’t read or write it.

One of the main strategies is to provide children with lots and lots of opportunities to talk throughout the day and for adults to talk with the children gifting them rich quality language in conversation. For instance (child) “There’s a dog.” (adult) “Oh yes, it’s a golden retriever pulling its owner along with the lead.” . Within our play based learning space we are talking with children as they play and gifting them quality language all day long. Language is one of the main areas of development for the 3-7 year old. The more you talk with your child and gift them quality language, the quicker their language and thinking will develop.

We had a range of experiences throughout the rest of the week. On Tuesday we went back to visit Harold in the Life Education mobile classroom. Harold talked to us about how to include people in our play and help them if they have a problem. We practise that in Pukeko all day and it was noted by Suzanne how focused and engaged the children were during the visit. Lots of movement in the day helps the children to be able to focus when they need to.

As well as visiting Harold and PMP on Tuesday we also received “THE IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND”. This has been a long time coming and was bought with our children in mind although we will share it eventually. It aims to give children some open-ended equipment to use as we bridge the gap between what is available to play with in Early Childhood settings and school. Many New Entrants struggle with the lack of “loose parts” at school. We are trying to change this. This week we just explored. Next week we will be using our explorations to talk and read and write about the names of the shapes and the positional language (in, on, under) we need to describe what we are making before we share our experiences with others.

On Thursday, CNC (motorway company) visited us to measure up for the plans for our new playground between the carpark and Pukeko. They are amazing at including us in the process and we helped to measure the space using tape measures but also some very fancy machines. WATCH THIS SPACE!!