Saturday, 20 May 2017

Pukeko Update

This week the Pukeko space has been a very dynamic  place to be. The weather has meant that play has had to be more inside than outside. However we did make the most of the sunshine
when it was out!

Riley has made her own version of hopscotch and shared the game with her friends.

Jada, Charlotte and their friends created a story involving a castle with chalk.

Inside the Moana puzzle donated to us by Honor’s family has been very popular.

These boys loved having the extra expertise from Cam when they were creating their weapons. They also enjoyed the playing an imaginative game with them afterwards.

Creativity is also alive and well

We have continued to notice that most children have become very self managing during play and are able to solve many problems they have with each other, independent of adults or with minimal intervention. Transitions to and from the group learning time is potentially a time where
conflict can occur as the children leave and return to their play situation and equipment, however the children are beginning to manage this time well.
We are beginning to see them listen to and accept other children’s points of view, empathise with others’ emotions and often offer a compromise so that play can continue together. This is very rewarding to witness.

Most learning occurs within a social setting and children are asked to cooperate with others in learning situations most of the day. This is the age when children are learning to play and work co-operatively with others and so by providing the opportunity for them to practise in real life authentic situations we know we are meeting their developmental learning needs.

It's all about perception

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