Sunday, 30 April 2017

Oral Paragraph

Oral Paragraphing is an oral language activity that focuses on creating and remembering oral texts (stories). Children are shown a photograph or an image and there is some discussion around the photo. Children are asked to notice all they can see. Then they are asked to tell a story about the photo. The teacher helps the children by gifting words, helping with grammar and prompting with what the children noticed during the discussion. Children then come up with the story and are asked to remember and repeat the story many times to teach their brains to store their thoughts. As the children get better at doing this the become more able at remembering longer texts. This very much helps when it comes to any activity that requires memory but especially useful at writing time.

Here is the photo we used today.

These are the stories the children came up with in their groups.

By Lucy, Jada, Soni and William

By Pietro, Amber, Kaylee and Grace

By Levi, Sophia, Acacia, Elsie, Charlotte W and Charlotte B
I didn't manage to record the children saying their story

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