Sunday, 30 April 2017

Oral Paragraph

Oral Paragraphing is an oral language activity that focuses on creating and remembering oral texts (stories). Children are shown a photograph or an image and there is some discussion around the photo. Children are asked to notice all they can see. Then they are asked to tell a story about the photo. The teacher helps the children by gifting words, helping with grammar and prompting with what the children noticed during the discussion. Children then come up with the story and are asked to remember and repeat the story many times to teach their brains to store their thoughts. As the children get better at doing this the become more able at remembering longer texts. This very much helps when it comes to any activity that requires memory but especially useful at writing time.

Here is the photo we used today.

These are the stories the children came up with in their groups.

By Lucy, Jada, Soni and William

By Pietro, Amber, Kaylee and Grace

By Levi, Sophia, Acacia, Elsie, Charlotte W and Charlotte B
I didn't manage to record the children saying their story

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Pukeko Update

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful break and everyone got a chance to explore and relax. Mrs Watson and I have been in at school over the past week getting ready for the term. We are very excited to continue on with the journey we are all on this year. We will be welcoming 3 new students that have been visiting with us over the last few weeks of term 1. Also new to our class is Cameron (from outaskool). He is part of our teacher aide team and will be working in our class to help support the children's learning.

We will be continuing on with PMP and The Early words program with the help of our parent helpers. Remember that if you are interested in helping out in Pukeko please let us know.

Last term we had some electronic equipment that the children very much enjoyed taking apart (the deconstruction urge) and we are wondering if anyone has some old equipment to donate to this part of play in our class.

In the last week of term 1 we focussed on fundamental skills. Before children can be successful academically they need to have developed some fundamental skills. Examples of fundamental skills are
  • Movement
  • Language
  • Auditory Sequential Memory
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Talking and Listening
  • Sequencing
Throughout term 1 we assessed the children in regard to these skills and now have a clear idea of their next steps. This term in the classroom the children will take part in play, academic groups and the Building Blocks Program. The Building Blocks Program will support children to develop the fundamental skills they need to succeed academically.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Pukeko Update

What a wet and drizzly week we had last week. It was a shame that we missed out on our Junior Sports day on the 30th. It was just far too wet under foot. Karen was back with us last week after being away for a month. She is working to help support the children in our class. Parent help is going very well. Those children taking part in early words are working through them and are enjoying having contact with adults other than myself and Mrs Watson.

This week we are looking forward to having another attempt at the Junior sports day on Thursday. The weather is not looking promising at this stage but we can keep our fingers crossed.

We are also looking to walk down Winters Road (on Wednesday) to talk to the engineers working at the construction site asking for help with our outdoor play area but again the weather is not looking good. We have 2 parents happy to come along with us but it would be great to have a couple more of you come along. Please email me if you are available.

The end of term is only two weeks away, the children are most definitely getting tired so if you feel your little one needs a day at home and you are able to, feel free. Sleep and food are two basic needs that are crucial to the success of our children at school. 

The children love PMP (perceptual motor program). This helps them with balance, co-ordination, movement, reading and writing. It helps them develop their gross motor skills and left to right directionality, and practice listening to and following sequenced instructions all while having fun.

Being wet this week, the children have been using the inside play equipment really well. It was a nice calm week with the children being highly focused on quality play. 

Acacia working with the small loose parts discovered that when she pulled a coffee filter open it looked like a butterfly wing. She then set about creating her own butterfly with 2 of the filters, some straws and sellotape. 

The butterfly construction caught on with a few of the others.


We had the construction wood out this week in class but the empty storage cart turned into a bunk bed in the girls 'home' role play.

Dimitri cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He'd just put a pot in the oven and told me "I'm cooking you dinner Mr T, it will be done in half an hour." He brought it to be 20 minutes later and it was delicious. 

The boys had spent quite a bit of time creating vehicles with the mobilo and decided to create a ramp and some roads to drive and jump them around on.

The boys and their pizza shop. Soni, Levi and Frankey wanting to serve pizza to the class. 

Soni created the restaurant complete with tables, chairs and a full carpark. 

Pietro and his big muscles. There was a whole bunch of lifting, press ups and squats going on. Must have been fitness time. 

Kodi and Grace practicing on some PMP equipment.