Monday, 20 March 2017

Todays Writing

Red, red, red. 

A story by Irene Adcock about Jan, a little girl about to start school. Mum thinks she needs a new coat but it is Jan’s favourite coat. We thought about an item of clothing that we really like and wrote about it.

We were focused on hearing and recording the sounds in the words we wanted to write.

“No! I ripped my pants on the tree.” Mum said I had to put them in the rubbish. I didn’t want to put them in the rubbish because I liked them so much. 
By Soni

I went to my gymnastics and when the gymnastics started my pink shorts ripped. 
By Amelia

I was in the garden digging. My pants ripped when I bent over. 
By Lucy

I like my wardrobe because I have lots of lovely clothes. 
By Jada

My aunty brought me an ice cream. 
By Sophia

My favourite cape is sparkly. 
By Charlotte B

My favourite dress is my barbie dress. 
By Acacia

My new shoes for my friend. 
By Charlotte W

My Elsa dress with a hand bag. 
By Elsie

I am going to the mall in my flash suit. 
By Levi

My glove is warm.
By Pietro

I put my dress on all of the time because I like it. 
By Grace

I like my dress.
By Amber

I like my beautiful dress.
By Kaylee