Saturday, 25 March 2017

Pukeko Update

On Thursday the 30th March at 11-1pm (this is different as advertised in the newsletter) we are hoping for some warm, fine weather so the junior team can show you the Sport Start games that we have been learning to play.

Week 8 in Pukeko has been quite dynamic! More cold and rainy weather curtailed much of the outdoor play but imagination and creativity were ever present inside.

A very involved story was drawn on the whiteboard by storytellers Levi and Pietro.

Engineers Tyson and Dimitri showed perseverance and focus while they constructed their creations.



Elsie was making her debut as a wearable arts fashion designer with the wallpaper dress.

Kodi started school this week and while inside, he was exploring all of our equipment.

And finally on Friday we saw the sun again and were outside enjoying pavement art with chalk and the sandpit!

Over time we have been observing our caterpillars eat ALL the leaves on our swan plants, turn into cocoons (although NEVER when we are there-they must be very shy) and finally this week, after a few disasters, we got to release a butterfly into the wide wide world.

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