Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pukeko Update

Well. Week 7 started out quite wet, but the children were surprisingly focused and settled (not usually the case with wet weather at schools). They all found play that interested and engaged them while Mrs Watson worked through the academic groups. What was very interesting to me last week was seeing a different range of urges emerge from the children.

Urges (or Schema) are areas of interest children develop within their play. These encourage neurological pathways to become active and grow those pathways within the child. It was clear through my observation last week that many children had moved on from the play they had previously been engaged in. You may also see this at home. I will give examples of the urges I was seeing last week in the photos below.

Jennie and I are continually impressed at the focus children are showing when it comes to group academic work in our withdrawal space. Everyone is progressing well and are so proud of themselves when they have success. This is important for our children to see them selves as successful in their learning. This helps them to develop self efficacy (their belief in their ability to succeed).

We have been out practicing for our junior sports day (coming up on the 30th) and the children are very much enjoying getting outside and learning some new games. PMP has been going well and everyone is showing some good skills and enjoying themselves. Thank you again to the parents helping out with this.

This week the seniors are away on camp Wednesday, Thursday and Friday se us juniors will have the playground to ourselves. We will be continuing to practice for our junior sports day so we can show you our skills. Sponsorship forms will be coming home on Monday for the Adidas School Fun Run. When you get this please make sure you read through the sponsorship book carefully and create an online profile to help with fundraising.

This urge is Deconstruction - the urge to take things apart or break things up to their component parts (or just break stuff). These guys literally spent hours working out how to use the tools provided to take apart all of the things we had their for them. The Deconstruction urge usually comes before the Construction urge.

Pietro spent the most time in this urge and persevered when things became difficult and there were many difficulties with this particular deconstruction.

Soni and Levi started on the Families urge. They had their house all set up and were stocking the shelves with groceries. After this they made breakfast (pancakes) for themselves and Frankey. Levi said 'we need to make sure we make enough for Frankey'. Frankey was with Mrs Watson at this time in a math group.

There has been plenty of hut making over the past few weeks. Charlotte and Amber last week become engaged with the Enclosure urge. They have been playing hide and seek, hiding under tables, blankets and in little corners as well as looking at books and using other equipment while enclosed in a small space. 

These girls became engaged in the Construction urge when Jada brought in a box. The mission was on to turn the box into a boat for 2 people to sit in, oars and all. 

Posting is an urge that Lily and Tyson had last week. There were these bags filled with all sorts of 'birthday presents' and our hand puppets were filled with coloured teddies. 

Lily was happy to post all of the things in her bag back into their original homes once she had finished.

Here is some video of Tyson and Lily posting.

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