Saturday, 11 March 2017

Pukeko Update

What a week! The first two days were wet and/or cold so our recently introduced and very popular outside play had to be curtailed and transferred inside.The children quickly adapted and a range of various types of play was sustained throughout the week.

In particular Jada’s imminent visit to her new baby cousin Lachlan was the catalyst for co-operative present making culminating in some socio dramatic play once the weather cleared. The present was delivered and Jada’s return sparked more dramatic play involving a trip to the beach for some mum’s to be!


It was a military exercise relocating all the equipment outside for this play but a wide range of girls were co-operative, persistent and engaged in the story line for the entire morning with short breaks to engage in literacy learning.

While most of the girls were outside the boys continued to build on and play with their TRAP!
The provocation of large spools of yarn inspired Levi and Frankey to design and build a forcefield which they called the TRAP!  There was a lot of knot tying and problem solving  as the TRAP needed to be fixed and re fixed many many times in a variety of ways. Alongside the TRAP was their kingdom.  Pietro and Soni  joined them and socio dramatic play continued for days. Then weapons had to be made from Mobilo and the engineering set to defend their kingdom -it’s a boy thing ! Every day the boys rushed in to continue on from the day before but understood that Friday was the day for the scissors!!!! No more TRAP! There was a lot of discussion and compromise and it was good to see the boys widening their circle of friends and including the ideas of more boys.

Please note that the junior sports day date has changed.

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