Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pukeko Update

Another action packed week. Our groups are in full swing now and there is such a impressively high level of focus by the children. The New Zealand Playhouse brought “Puss in Boots-Pet Detective” to our school. Pukeko were captivated by the fast paced, cleverly presented play.  Many of the children came back to class and added a whole new level to their dramatic play.

Pukeko had the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor play. Observing the children, there were many physical skills being practiced and refined. There was a lot of sharing, and a lot of learning how to share with the limited equipment we provided. This created many opportunities for Mrs Watson to coach the children as they came up with solutions for themselves. Pukeko is very quickly becoming a class of resilient self managers.

Mrs Watson has observed the imaginative play reach a whole new level with a wider range of children. One group has created many real life scenarios (at home…a fire evacuation to another home, taking their pets to the vet after the fire, going to McDonalds, having babies at the hospital. A surgery was set up which involved consulting x-rays that were supplied by a parent at the request of her child. Throughout this play the children were practising co-operating with equipment, the roles, the story line; practising their oral conversational skills; retaining a story-line in their head, making connections to real life experiences and problem solving. This all involves higher order thinking.

Simultaneously a group of boys had made a series of huts and had established play involving teenage siblings. This group in particular have made deeper friendships this week through their play and have become much more confident at initiating and continuing play with others. This in turn improves their sense of belonging at school.

Moving to a new a new house after the fire

Doctor Lucy consulting the x-rays before helping Sophia

Lily and Tyson spending a quiet moment threading the alphabet letters and talking

Jada and Lucy preparing to travel in their boat.

Elsie and Charlotte checking to see how many pick up sticks there were in the game.

Thanks everyone for coming along on Wednesday evening for the folk dance we had been practicing. I bet it was a surprise to be pulled up for a dance. You were all great sports and it was fantastic to see smiles on everyones faces.

(video curtesy of Weka)

This week we are continuing to give children the opportunity to play outside as well as in - weather permitting. We are looking to introduce large loose parts. Things like tyres, PVC piping, planks of wood, pallets and saw horses. We are excited to see how our creative and imaginative children put these loose parts to use.

Finally this week is goal setting. Thank you to those that have returned the goal setting sheet and booked in online. If you have yet to do this, please do. It is important that we are all on the same page when it comes to your child's goals and learning expectations. The goal setting survey that came home will provide the basis for discussion at our meetings. When you book, please book under Glen Thompson as both Jennie and Glen will be at the meetings this time round. Please check the last newsletter for details of how to do this. School will finish at 2pm on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here is an interesting blog post from Autahi School. It describes the learning children can get from a range of different types of play.

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