Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pukeko Update

In week 3 we were so busy. Making creations, sorting, constructing, discussing and solving problems. It is very interesting for Mrs Watson and I seeing how the children's play is developing. Many of the children are diving deeper into their imaginations and creating dramatic play scenarios with specific roles, often imitating their own experiences at home. In this way they are making sense of their world. The children are getting many opportunities within their conversations to plan, adjust, convince, justify and defend their ideas. Great oral language practice.

Reading and writing groups started in earnest last week. Books came home with all students and they had several opportunities to read before the book came home. Having the withdrawal space has made these sessions highly focussed for both the students and the teacher. Writing at the moment is focussed on the formation of letters (Casey Caterpillar). This is so children can record letters quickly and correctly so when they compose their own stories letter formation is automatic. We have been working on maths within play, counting forwards and backwards, identifying numbers and sorting objects at every opportunity.

This week we have the folk dance evening on Wednesday the 22nd at 6pm on the back court. We have been practicing hard and hope to see as many of you that can make it.

Please make sure you check last weeks newsletter for details of Goal Setting coming up in Week 5. It is important for your child that you Complete and Return the Parent Voice form that came home last Thursday as this will form the basis of the Goal Setting.

Thank you to those of you that have let us know if and when you are able to give some of your time to help out in Pukeko and support the children's learning. If you are able to help out and haven't let me know yet please do so. This week I will contact you and give you details of what and when we will be needing your help.

The children had a great time at the Big Day Out last Friday, despite the rain. Thank you to all of you that gave your time to help.

Some photos of the work children have been taking part in in week 3

Amber putting her problem solving skills to the test. How to make sure the marbles do not roll off the tables.

The boys made a pirate ship out of a range of the classes equipment. Later the girls decided it was a car that they would use to get the family around town.

The girls creating a McDonalds to serve food to others in the class.

Making burgers.

Mama Jada with her baby and front pack.

Desmond and Pietro have a strong urge to order and group objects. Desmond grouped these cars in 3 different ways while I sat with him. He made groups of 3, then 4 and then he grouped them by colour.

More sorting with Desmond and Pietro.

Dinner time!

Soni challenged himself to build a tower with the small blocks that was taller than himself.

The conversation going on between these two as they created this masterpiece was amazing. There were justifications for every decision and adjustment made to the design.

Tyson and Lily spend a lot of focus and time creating a continuous ramp for them to run their cars down. 

Some of the boys in imaginative, dramatic play.

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